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Just a guy who wants to be liked, but somehow always gets shit thrown at him. Is pretty aware of when his friends are lying to him, but is still gullible enough to fall for it, in hopes of becoming more well-liked by his peers
Fake Friend (to Guy): Hey bro, I like the new drip
Guy: Aw thanks
Fake Friend (when Guy is not there): Did you see what that guy was wearing? He thought I fuckin liked it too! What a fucking Niko!
by NickPikk March 3, 2022
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A meek, tacky, awkward and kinda wimpy ginger with curly hair, a small penis. A peak beta male.
Seb: Have you seen my cousin?
Trym: Bro, I hate that little ginger fuck. He's such a Gaerry!
Seb: ...His name is Gregers...
Trym: See? That's close to Gaerry
by NickPikk February 8, 2022
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The act of explaining something to someone, but adding a lol at the end, to make the other person feel bad, even they are in the right. This can also be a lmao, or even an XD, (however; the latter is much more cringy, and is more often used by furries)
Person A: How many turnips do I need to buy from Daisy Mae to get bamboo shoots, in animal crossing?

Person B: You don't buy them lol. You get them on a mystery island tour.

Person A: ...But I watched someone get them in the mail, from Daisy Mae, live... And that's much more reliable than hoping to get a bamboo island.

Person B: Whatever. You probably dreamt it up lmao.

Person A: There are articles that even explain it, but they don't say how many you need. You don't need to add the condescending lol/lmao when you're wrong.
by NickPikk April 19, 2020
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