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The simplest drinking game in the world, and also the most efficient. Basically the rules are you tell someone to drink, and they drink. If they stall they have to drink twice. You can't make someone drink while they're already drinking or while you're drinking. Last one standing wins.
5 minutes of Drink! fucked me up far worse than 5 hours of Captain Beef.
by Nick D November 3, 2003
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Guy on the street: "That job I had cleaning up the strip club was a good one. First I'd polish the strippers' pole, then they'd polish mine. Pretty good way to get paid if you ask me."
Pig: "I'm sorry sir, you can't live here in this cardboard box. Move it."
by Nick D January 14, 2004
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the tightest new whip coming out in the 2G+3...may possibly even surpass its 1980's-90's predecessor, the Mazda RX7.
In my jacked-up Mazda RX8 with the help of a little bit of nitrous, I smoked that sucker in the Porsche 911 as if he was driving a dump truck.
by Nick D October 2, 2003
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A home run derby: a baseball competition in which whoever can hit the ball out of the park the most times before making a given number of "outs" (non-homers) wins.
While R. Kelly and Fez were waiting for the middle school to let out, they decided to have a derb since chicks dig the longball...especially 13-year-olds.
by Nick D July 13, 2004
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A common driving position in which the driver holds the wheel with his left hand while leaning to his right toward the passenger seat, usually bobbing his head or bumpin' with the beat. It's a pretty badass way to drive. This move works best in a Chevy Caprice or any pimp-style car with a 3-person front seat.
"...with a hellafied gangsta lean, gettin' funky on da mike like an ol' bunch of collard greens..." -Snoop Dogg

Sammy was gangsta leanin' so hard yesterday that his head was partially out the passenger window. What a pimp.
by Nick D October 13, 2003
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someone who smokes like a fiend, generally cigarettes or weed
Matt smokes so much that when he's sitting in his car people come after him with hoses and fire extinguishers. What a fucking chimney.
by Nick D September 24, 2003
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