To display an action that is sensed by others to be rugged, self refined, and/or strongly characteristic of a mountainous region cultures predefined notions of "a badass"
When your friend is smoking a hand rolled style cigar whilst performing a sick maneuver that makes the ladies swoon because they think your so badass. "Dude, that was really Montanan of you back there with those chicks! They think you're da shit son!"
by Montanan Man October 10, 2018
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Any person who was born and raised in the state of Montana.
Oh man, your a Montanan? Cool. So, do you carry guns and drive 100 mph all the time? Yeppers, I'm a Montanan! {{LOL..I really AM a Shitkickin Montanan born and raised friends :) }}
by My2Cats&I June 24, 2011
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to cum and shit into a mason jar then put it in a blender with milk and ice, drink it in one go
"bro I just had a Montanan chug jug"
by Big nut suace April 10, 2019
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As friendly as folks are in Montana, they always stop to say hello, usually on horseback, and then quickly go on about their business. Perhaps fishing, hunting, checking cattle, or fencing.
Jeremiah, let’s stop by Willie’s, but make a Montanan Exit, I’m going fishing in the morning.
by Terms of the West August 18, 2022
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