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When a white person is having a threesome with two black people
Jerome: "Yo Jamaal, I got front you got back!"
Tara: "What is this some kind of icecream sandwich!?!"
by Nathanispro May 25, 2008

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It's the exact opposite of "reverse physicology" because it's when you are tricking someone into thinking that you are tricking them into reverse physicology, but you aren't. So it confuses the living crap out of them.
Stacy: "So what did you get me for my birthday?"

Fred: "I bought you a new piece o' shit honda babe!"

Stacy: "Haha, Oh Fred, you are too funny!"

Fred: "Haha, I know right!"

(Stacy sees the crappy car)

Stacy: "Fred what the hell!?! I thought you were kidding!"

Fred:"Now that's what I call a dose of double reverse physicology!"
by Nathanispro April 23, 2009

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This phrase is something a woman says when she isn't really attracted to a guy that she dated. She uses this term to cover up her inner feelings.
Jill: "Hey how did the date go?"
Sarah: "Well, he's nice."
by nathanispro June 12, 2008

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A highly respected being, although it is not human nor animal. It looks like a big white puffy dog, but has the capability to demolish anything. Beware of its kind attitude.
Snowbeast is the reason why Chuck Norris is white

John: "Hey Bill, that's a pretty big cloud!!"
Bill: "No John, it's snowbeast.
by Nathanispro May 24, 2008

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A word commonly used to describe someone who guards a banana tree
Hey, get away from that tree, you bananapatrol!
by Nathanispro May 24, 2008

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A time in which someone gets jizzed on and for some weird reason they start to bleed
Henry got jizz'donbuleeded last week and now he has a fear of masterbation

Doctor: " I'm sorry Henry, according to your body's unrelative response, you won't be able to exert sperm anymore."
Henry: "Aw c'mon Doc, it's because his weiner was in my butt!"
by Nathanispro May 27, 2008

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A mexican who rides in a van/truck on Halloween blasting Reggae music while cooking fajitas and shouting "Ey!!" to the trick-or-treaters. Then the jumper jumps out of the van/truck and gets candy, then jumps back on and halls ass.
Jill: "Hey Jimmy look at those jumpers over there! They even remembered to wear costumes!
by Nathanispro May 25, 2008

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