32 definitions by Nathan Hulsey

Just about every STD you can get rolled into one fun fuck over!
"You just got tested right...what do you have?"
"I was positive for Clagonasyphaherpalaidcrabwarts"
by Nathan Hulsey November 3, 2006
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Swellow are very clean and pure. A heart of many swellows is that of the purest and kindest. It can be struck down with the might of many kings, or brought up with a love of life.
"Why is he in charge?!"
"Because he will not mislead us..."
"How the fuck do you know?!"
"He has the heart of many swellows"
by Nathan Hulsey January 2, 2007
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A really nasty sweaty vagina that smells so rank it gives you a renob.
God damn she has such a fish puss...I aint hittin' that.
by Nathan Hulsey October 17, 2006
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One who's vagina is so disgusting it smells like a dead fish. Often associated with skank cheese.
I went down on her last night and came right back up...killer tuna puss.
by Nathan Hulsey October 17, 2006
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Also known as a Screenshot. By pressing the prt scr button, your computer will copy your current image. Then go into a program, such as paint, and paste the image. Now just save it and you have your instaphoto!
Dude look at my Minesweeper time in this instaphoto!
by Nathan Hulsey November 7, 2006
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