32 definitions by Nathan Hulsey

Basically a freeloader; one who always depends on others for anything and never comes prepared.
This is the last time I'm giving you money you roader!
by Nathan Hulsey November 06, 2006
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When one gay man likes another man, he nipple rub likes him.
Aaron nipple rub likes me.
by Nathan Hulsey October 16, 2006
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Swellow are very clean and pure. A heart of many swellows is that of the purest and kindest. It can be struck down with the might of many kings, or brought up with a love of life.
"Why is he in charge?!"
"Because he will not mislead us..."
"How the fuck do you know?!"
"He has the heart of many swellows"
by Nathan Hulsey January 01, 2007
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A really nasty sweaty vagina that smells so rank it gives you a renob.
God damn she has such a fish puss...I aint hittin' that.
by Nathan Hulsey October 16, 2006
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