A repulsive scent creeping from an unkempt vagina, usually causing a burning sensation in the eyes as one attempts to muff dive. Serious cases may cause skin irritation.
My lungs almost caved in when I got a whiff of that stank puss, it made me want to eat her ass.

Close your legs; your stank puss is coming out of your jeans.
by guardo December 17, 2003
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Dude, my girlfriend has a stank puss, and i can't take it anymore
by relu January 30, 2018
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A stank Puss volley is when in Football/soccer the corner quick taker specifically aims the ball outside of the box so a waiting player can attempt to volley it in
lets goooo, Baby icon Michal Essien just stank pussed that bitch top bins. the guy is in spain without the s right now what a Stank Puss Volley
by Kade has AIDS January 14, 2022
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