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The condition of having applied excessive make up; the state in which one is when one can no longer distinguish between their ego and their vanity, neither of which are present in moderation.
Porn stars suffer greatly from beautality.

Anna Nicole Smith died from one too many cases of beautality.
by Nards_Otc August 18, 2007
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Contraction of Administration and Trivia

When having to complete forms in triplicate sign with your own blood, merely to borrow a pen, so that one can complete a form of little if any significance to the pen lender. Any small insignificant task involving paper work, without which the world would surely end.
Thanks to the administrivia my 'change of address' form was sent to the wrong address.

I'll do it myself to save being harrasseled by administrivia
by Nards_Otc August 18, 2007
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Abbreviation for any of the following...

Over the counter
Off the cuff
On the couch
Outside the circle
That Sharon babe is like way OTC
by Nards_Otc October 8, 2007
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To celebrate, merry making, usully non-sexual, having a good time with a purpose.
After work tonight would uou like to rejoice in the cornfield.

There was much rejoicing in the cornfield after the footyball final
by Nards_Otc September 30, 2007
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1. The Connectedness of all things
2. Being connected, to everything, simultaneously.
3. All time being Now, including Past and Future.
4. Here and Now
He is of the Wyrd.

We are all parts of the Wyrd.

Wyrd, and nothing else.
by Nards_Otc May 7, 2007
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Contraction of Personality and Senile

When one’s persona becomes riddled with the humorous condition usually associated with old age. When a charismatic or humorous individual enters into the mindset of frequently mistaking the real, the unreal and the surreal at random.
Just because you suffer from persenility, don't feel obliged to infect me with it.

I was suffering from persenility after being harasseled all day.
by Nards_Otc August 18, 2007
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