The web of cause-and-effect that permeates the universe. The Germanic/North European equivalent of karma. Not to be understood as an externally-controlling fate but rather as the natural consequences of one's own actions; each person shapes their own wyrd. There are also family wyrd and national wyrd, which are shaped by the actions of the group as a whole. Wyrd, therefore, does not control our lives, it just responds to our own actions according to orlog, the fundamental law that governs the workings of our world.
"This is my wyrd, woven from the threads I have provided by my past thoughts and actions; I myself have designed the unfolding pattern of my life."
by Aelswyth Alansdohter June 22, 2007
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The Wyrd is the blank rune from the Nordic Rune Oracle which literally means "that which has not yet been fated".
Though many things are fated such as our past life karma and our station of birth, etc. The wyrd is the "HOPE", in the fatalistic theology of Norse and Celtic paganism and mythology. It is the one truth, that the validity of all predictions is always in the hands of those who are willing to make change. When things are wyrd there are changes afoot. Expect Thor's hammer when the fates decide on that which is wyrd. Wyrd is the root of the modern word weird.
To say "that situation was wyrd" implies that it does not fall into an expected pattern of resolution or defies more than speculation of the outcome. More simply implies "what do you make of that?". In which case it could be used to invite speculation in a veiled or passive way.
by Wyrd Karma June 4, 2009
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1. The Connectedness of all things
2. Being connected, to everything, simultaneously.
3. All time being Now, including Past and Future.
4. Here and Now
He is of the Wyrd.

We are all parts of the Wyrd.

Wyrd, and nothing else.
by Nards_OTC May 7, 2007
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Meaning being who you are not changing, drifting into nothing but positivity, 🛸👁👽☕️, Being a wyrd cup of coffee.. bring you.
Her lifestyles wyrd she’s a wyrd cup of coffee.
by be a hippie October 1, 2018
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The Norse idea of an unescapable fate, also the goddess of fate. When wyrd was brought about, by the God Loki, the other Norse gods would, through a series of greusome events, perish, and the world would die - in some translations of Norse myths wyrd will have a second comming, implying that it happened once before.
In the Norse myth of the Birth, Death, and Rebirth of the Universe wyrd was brought about, and the Norse gods died.
by Forsaken April 4, 2005
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What you really doing.
imagine a bear was chasing you wyrd?
by apexinq October 3, 2023
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(noun) one who will tell you your "fate" and convinces you to go for it without, actually persuading you, and telling you that it will backfire on you if you try to hard to achieve it
1) Jeeze, that psychic is such a wyrd-liar, she told me that i would get with that girl i love; but not that i would have to be married to her afterwards.
2) Those three wyrd-liars really got to Macbeth.
by Hell's Porter May 2, 2009
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