A repetitive word used by the legend William "Bill" Neumann before every class of MIS.
"Let's just start off with a little administrivia"
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slang for trivial administrative task
i need to take care of some administrivia before i can have lunch.
by david baas June 24, 2003
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Mindless bureaucratic tasks imposed on workers by management in order to crush the soul and prevent one from achieving anything useful or fulfilling.
Oh God! Another diversity report for the Ethics Office. When will this administrivia end?
by Nick Wills-Johnson September 5, 2007
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Contraction of Administration and Trivia

When having to complete forms in triplicate sign with your own blood, merely to borrow a pen, so that one can complete a form of little if any significance to the pen lender. Any small insignificant task involving paper work, without which the world would surely end.
Thanks to the administrivia my 'change of address' form was sent to the wrong address.

I'll do it myself to save being harrasseled by administrivia
by Nards_OTC August 18, 2007
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