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The raw, indescribable quality of something that is at once beautiful and painful. Beautiful and Brutal combined.
"While filled with a glorious beauty seldom seen on this earth, her honesty made her a dangerous foe. She truly exemplified beautality."
by Slick Rick Bacon May 10, 2005
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Beauty + brutality : when beaty is used as a weapon.
by hytham_hammer August 6, 2005
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looking at the waves crashing on the rocksbeauty , appreciating the beauty yet knowing the bone crushing brutal power they have brutality
the experience of visualy seeing something beautiful and being caught up in something beautiful to look at are two different things , beautality
by dubphox April 5, 2009
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The condition of having applied excessive make up; the state in which one is when one can no longer distinguish between their ego and their vanity, neither of which are present in moderation.
Porn stars suffer greatly from beautality.

Anna Nicole Smith died from one too many cases of beautality.
by Nards_OTC August 18, 2007
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