The canadian version of the M16, also used in other UN countries. The C7A1 has a 3.2X scope instead of iron sights. it uses the 5.56 nato round.
"the c7 is an assault rifle used in many militaries around the world."
by g0207 June 12, 2003
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The C7, made by Diemaco, is the Canadian Forces version of the M16. The C7 also has a fully automatic mode unlike the M16 which is limited to burst modes.
American Sargent "Switch to F/A boys! We're storming the building!"
American Troop "But Sarge, we don't have that mode anymore."
American Sargent "Well ya should have knocked out one of Canucks and taken their C7 eh?!"
by Narcissus July 14, 2004
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A radio transmission in Counter-Strike, meaning:

Get out of there, it's gonna blow!

but said in normal life
c7, c7!!! wtf?
by Lorne Richardson July 7, 2003
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Originaly Founded in Florida, the C7 crew has become a large social group protecting anyone who is a part of it. It is now branching out to the UK and is making roots in london and the south east. It gained its name through many scources, but mainly because it was formed in the year 2007. Other reasons would be that at the time that the crew was given its name there were the 4 founding members and 3 newcomers and the 4 founding members lived in a place called 7 oaks. however one of the founding members moved out of florida to the UK where C7 became international.
If your against one member of C7 (crew), your against them all.
by MuayTai2k8 March 12, 2009
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The greatest model of car from America. Rumor has it that it’s power source is the wings of an angel.
Check out my hellcat!

That won’t do shit against a c7 corvette
by Son of Stenhouse June 20, 2023
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