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Slang for something ming boggling... Easier and shorter than saying holy macrole(the whole phrase). Usually heard during a dramatic or suprised state of mind. The same meaning as "Holy Shit"!
When I saw you smash your guitar I was like "Holy Mac" but then i realized it was mine, and i was like "Holy Mac"!
by natalie November 15, 2003
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a place surronded by a bunch of unattractive, old, dirty people.
dude i went downtown when the shoes were by two get 1 pair free and it was this years crustamanium
by natalie July 15, 2003
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its means something wonderful involving a man
The Matrix was one mantabulistic movie! ex.2 All of us are into Incubus's mantabulistic sond!
by natalie July 15, 2003
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So Hot and Righteous
He was so shar he did a flip then a tailwhip, right over his enemies lawn chair!
by Natalie May 07, 2005
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the female equivalent of chub. A female that is partially aroused or kind of wet, has a vubb.
Babe, you give me so much vub.
by natalie March 06, 2005
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a slut and a hoe... yeah thats right all you slut hoes out there
That Anna girl who keeps hooking up with my ex-boyfriend only when shes high is such a sloe.
by Natalie February 14, 2005
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a situation beyond preventative measure; beyond control. "don't cry over spilt milk"
janet saw her man with another woman, delegated it spilt milk, and promptly hit on his best friend.
by natalie May 27, 2004
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