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did u notice that all the real people in the emo images are white??? no offense.
look at the images if u didnt notice.
by my name March 10, 2005

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Boourns is not similar at all to boo, it is in fact the opposite of booing.

It comes from an episode of The Simpsons when Mr. Burns made a film for a film festival that no one in the audience liked, so they booed him. Burns, being surrounded by yes-men for his whole life was unfamiliar with being booed so Smithers told him they were chanting "boourns" rather than booing.

Mr. Burns stood up and asked the audience if they were booing or if they were chanting boourns. They responded by booing him, except for Hans Moleman who admitted to chanting "boourns" which leads one to the conclusion that Moleman liked the movie and was using the expression to show his enjoyment.
Idiot: "Dude, that movie sucked. Boourns!"
Other Guy: "You idiot, boourns is used for a good movie like Borat."
by My Name August 15, 2007

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Its definition for LeBron James.
It's unbelievable, LJ did it again.
The best dunk i've ever senn done by LJ.
by My name April 03, 2005

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refer to chuck maggot
by my name August 25, 2003

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Possibly one of the most hated people in American history. He got us involved in a war that we had no business starting (Iraq), and is about to get us into 2 more (North Korea, Iran) Also gave Osama Bin Laden a two month Headstart on US forces(we knew he was responsible for 9/11 when it happened; we attacked the taliban and al qaida in november) I hate him, he's got the IQ of a tree stump. See also communazi
tree stump, idiot, cokehead
by My name April 22, 2005

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A shitty clothing store run by racist white people. Don't believe me? Answer me this--have you ever seen a black or Latino guy working at an American Eagle Outfitters? I thought not.
Shop at American Eagle Outfitters and you're supporting communism.
by My name August 02, 2006

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