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Used to describe a suprised disgust at something or a situation. Originated from the movie Billy Madison by Adam Sandler. Can be used anywhere in a sentance or simply by istself.
"Hey Ernie what's the matter man, I...(see's something grotesque) Goo!!!"

"Goo! What the hell is that?"
by Munkey December 05, 2004

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to have one's dick sucked
chop me up! and do it like u mean it
by munkey February 24, 2005

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Aka an idiot. A person of subnormal intelligence.
Stop being an eijit!
by Munkey April 05, 2005

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the Juggalo word for FUCKING POSER
these sorry fuckers pretend to be down with the clown to be "cool"
not gender oriented
juggahoe and juffalo are just 2 terms meaniong the same thing
This music for a selected few...not fuckin JUGGAHOES
by Munkey April 07, 2005

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Along with dildos, soy beans are known meat subsitutes.
"I dont know...this soy dog doesnt fell too nice in my ass. Just hasn't got the meatiness."
by munkey August 19, 2003

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a bhf that dyed his hair purple. it looks like a plump plum with a tall body. he should have kept it blue
alex. i like plums. plums are good. phf is plums with sticks.
by munkey November 08, 2003

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a bhf that dyed their hair purple. so now it's purple hair freak.
i liked the blue better
by munkey November 08, 2003

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