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A homosexual buffalo that is a fan of the Insane Clown Posse. Beware of this beast as it can be dangerous if it feels threatened.

Like its human counterpart the juggalo, the juffalo is inbred, smelly and mentally deficient. Physical contact with the juffalo is not advisable as it may carry communicable diseases. Juffalo meat is not considered edible due to the high fat content.
On my family's trip to Yellowstone National park, we saw a herd of buffalo pass by the road. Then we saw one ugly, obese buffalo with facepaint following behind. If the park rangers hadn't been around it would have been time for a juffalo hunt!
by DownWitDaKlownz February 26, 2010
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An extra-superficial "fan" of ICP/Psychopathic Records; a punk-ass that just ran out and bought all of ICP/Psychopathic's albums yesterday and claims that they are a "true" Juggalo.
I got all your albums. I just got them yesterday, but I'm definitely a Juffalo!
by Aintyo Bidness August 14, 2003
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Possibly the most anoying word ever. Juffalo refers to an Icp fan who only listens to it because they think it will make them cool. Juffalos often know absolutely nothing about ICP or any other horrocore music. Ironically, Juffalo is more often used by juffalos to describe real juggalos than the other way around. Ussually speaks in supposedly black slang that even black people cant understand. See also poser
Juffalo: Nyikka Yo' isnt down bitch boi mathafackoo! you only gots like nine albums.
Juggalo: What does Icp stand for?
Juffalo: Haay mayin fack you! Of course I be knowin dat shit! It mean Incredibly Crazy People you ignant nyikka!
by ChuckNorrisKilledBobSaget January 22, 2006
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Somebod who just claims juggalo just to get "freinds" and act tough, someone who wouldn't be accepted without the term. No matter how much the know about Pcyhopathic or if they claim to belive in the dark carnival the still can be a juffalo. Basiclly anyone who want's to be "with" juggalos instead of just likeing the band.
See juggalo
"I got all your albums, I just got them yesterday, but I'm definitely a Juffalo!"
by G. Sponge February 29, 2004
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Aka Juggaho
1-One of the most forms of life ever.

2-someone who thinks bing a juggalo is a new trend and tries to be one.

3-someone who goes out and buys physcopathic record CD's one night and talks about them like they are life the next.

4-Someone who goes says Juggalos are th best, when the real juggalos leave they talk smack.
1-Juggalo says to Juffalo β€œYeah you are pretty much as low as it gets..”

2-Juffalo- I saw Megan, Abbi, and Alannah singing spin the bottle yesterday, they told me it was ICP and Twiztid. Last night I downloaded their songs. Aha I love Them so much!"

3- Juggalo singing. 'Now I walk with an axe, Dressed in all jet black with contacts!"
Juffalo 'OMGZZ I know this song. I heard it last night!"
Juggalo "Yeah when you bought all those CD's" juggalo walks away. "fucking juffalo."

4- Juffalo "Yeah I think being a Juggalo is really fun."
Juggalo."Yeah striaght up ninja." Juggalo leaves.
"Ew. being a juggalo is filth." *Gets a hatchet thrown at their face*
by Jinx_Juggalette March 16, 2008
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