Someone obviously suffering from some sort of personalitly disorder...
Lynn: I hate that snyde little ass wipe! He thinks he's all that but he's a lying snyde little cunt!

Donna: lol how wot did he do now?

Lynn: oh dont get me started! he's always bitching about someone the two faced little shit! He can be really Hurtful and Spiteful at times!

Donna: Just ignore him! I feel sorry for folk like that, he must be really insecure..

Lynn: I dont give a shit! he's dead to me! The Ignorant little twat!
by indigo101 October 9, 2011
Clearly inferior in both intellectual and physical endeavor.

Terrible at poker. syn: fish
Did you see that snyde suck me out on the river? He called an all in and hit a runner runner gutshot. What a snyde.
by Reed H. August 13, 2005