an important person, a president etc., VIP, someone who know what time it is, a leader of a group
Barry is a big wig in Gulf Oil - a vice president or something.
by VAKI5 May 9, 2005
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Adj. Abr. Used to describe a big wigger.
see wigger
Not only is this person a wigger, they are a big wigger.
"Look at Carmine he's such a big wig listening to Marshall Mathers and shit"

A: He's such a white dude trying to be african american.
B: You mean a wigger?
C: No way that douche is a big wig!
by Mark + Assley + Scott January 8, 2006
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old black women who donot mind their own biz
tha big wig dis my ass fo' loudin the new ludacris CD in ma Crib
by ''U Fat MotherFucker'' March 13, 2004
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