Marie Antoinette was the Queen of France during the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette has gone down in history as the arrogant and apathetic monarch who said "let them eat cake" when told the peasants were starving because they had no bread. The daughter of Francis I and Maria Theresa, Emperor and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, Marie left Austria for France in 1770 to marry the prince of France. As the revolution swept Paris in 1789, Louis and Marie tried to flee but failed. Marie and Louis XVI were stuck as prisoners at the palace at Tuileries. They tried to get help from royal supporters in England, Prussia and Austria, but in 1792 they were arrested and charged with treason. Louis was beheaded 21 January 1793 and Marie was beheaded 16 October 1793. According to legend, Marie's last words were an apology to the executioner for accidently stepping on his foot.
Josh: "Who are you studying about Amanda?"

Amanda: "I'm studying about Marie Antoinette, she was very very rich.

Josh: "Like I give a damn?"
by willywonka612 March 3, 2007
an offensive term for a scapegoat for all the social political, military and economic ills in one's society
people these days, are very simple-minded; they jump the gun and look for any and all possible Marie Antoinette instead of figuring out what the problem really is and how to deal with it effectively
by Sexydimma February 26, 2015
A daydreaming stupidly rich woman who lives by herself. She obsesses about one day marrying a milkman who is really a newspaper girl. She has a pile of tangled hair on her head where two lovebirds live, and she wears huge dresses and lounges in her huge mansion in a downtown city. She's got some violent tendancies, like shoving people into rosebushes, but some suspect she picked these up from a violent childhood being raised with brother, napoleon and estranged sister, queen elizabeth I.
Her prom dress was so obnoxiously huge, it was like one of Marie Antoinette's. Seriously.

When Alexia woke up the next morning, she was shocked to see that while she was passed out from the party the night before, someone had crazy-glued her hair into a Marie Antoinette style.

I swear to god, she's obsessed with him. It's like Marie Antoinette and the milkman.
When someone in the ruling class has everything they need and is oblivious to the fact that many of the common people are suffering from a lack of basic necessities

When Marie Antoinette was told that the peasants were starving and didn't even have bread she responded "Let them Eat Cake!"
John Boehner and Mitch McConnell represent classic cases of Marie Antoinette Syndrome, their Congressional Health Care plans provide them with the best Health Care in the world, but they have fought against making health care available to the masses, appearantly unconcerned that thousands of Americans die every year because they can't afford basic health care.
by Mr.Juan-derful August 7, 2010
Sudden whitening of the hair, usually caused by extreme sorrow and fear.

The phenomena is extremely rare and is very unlikely to ever occur to someone.
The name hail from Queen Marie Antoinette of France, where her hair turned white the night before she was to be executed.
After losing her entire family, and on top of that receive news of the death of her lover, she fell into such deep sorrow that she fell victim for the Marie Antoinette Syndrom - her hair turned white.
by ShiiV October 29, 2014
A person who is perceived to be much dumber, ditzier and generally blonder than they actually are. Normally because a social reject of some sort- either fictional or nonfictional- is bunching them in with a group of other stupid people. Though it can also simply be from wrong information or a desire to blame someone from something. Not to be confused with the bitchy girl who just acts bitchy to help her own image.
Tailor Terry from My Life As Liz is crippled by her Marie Antoinette Complex, which prevents her as being viewed as any kind of intelligent or complex person for a long few episodes.
by PapertheWalls February 23, 2010