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Not to be confused with limnology or limophilia, limology is a substudy of microbiology, and the study of slime, other moist, vicious fluids, how it is produced, and how the word "slime" used to mean sap or resin. It is also a rare subject to be taught in schools and colleges.

Limology derives from the Latin word "limo", meaning "slime" (Just like the word "limophilia"), and the Greek suffix "ology", which means "the study of". "Limology" can be loosely translated to "study of slime", hence its definition.
Phil: Wow! I got an A+ on my limology test! wOOt!
Greg: That's funny...I got a C- on mine.
Phil: LOL, what did you get that grade for, Greg? Limophilia? Because your fetish is the reason for your low grades! Burn!
by Mr. Wordington the Tenth October 05, 2018
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The largest city in New Mexico, part of the Bernalillo County! Bugs Bunny and Peter Griffin still need to figure out how to take the right turns there.
Peter Griffin: Gee, must have taken a wrong turn in Albuquerque! Ahahahahahahaha!
by Mr. Wordington the Tenth November 04, 2018
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The orange ghost from the Pac-Man franchise. He's friends with Inky, Blinky, and Pinky, but he likes to wander around. Sometimes, he might chase Pac-Man, too.
Me: Alright! Almost done with that Pac-Man level! :D
Clyde: *Is around the corner*
Me: WHAT?! Oh no...
by Mr. Wordington the Tenth January 25, 2020
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The prefix of a phrase uttered by elders and adults describing what it was like to do something in their own past.
Old Man Ulysses: Back in my day, we would look up Webster's Dictionary instead of Urban Dictionary. No biased information there!
Pizza Guy: WAT 0_0
Wordington-Chan: Gee, I didn't know that. Thanks for the enlightment~! ^w^
Old Man Ulysses: You're welcome, lass. Anyways, back in my day, instead of ordering pizza, we made our own on our farms.
Pizza Guy: WAT ):<
Old Man Ulysses: Back in my day...
Pizza Guy: WATEVER (Yeah, I know, nobody used emoticons in their own dialogues.)
by Mr. Wordington the Tenth October 31, 2018
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A drunken male sex offender who targets himself exclusively towards females.
My God, if I see that kavanaugh on my porch again, I swear to God I will beat the shit out of him for abusing my daughters!
by Mr. Wordington the Tenth October 05, 2018
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1. The notorious anthropomorphic green bean who roams the internet, wanting to prank users into looking at pictures at him.
2. To prank someone by blaring a bass-boosted version of a hip hop song, specifically "U Guessed It" by OG Maco.
3. Another word for green beans, used by sophisticated individuals, or cool kids.
1. You: *Notices vague title* Hm, seems obvious. *Clicks, gets shocked* Oh no! Green de la Bean strikes again!
Green de la Bean: You just got beaned, u friccin moron!

2. Johnny: *Whispers* Okay, here comes Charlie.
Charlie: *Walks by* Hey, Johnny!
Johnny: *Turns up radio*
Charlie: *Runs away screaming*
Johnny: I just green de la beaned him! Funny guy! X3

3. Me, an intellect: Yes, I would like some steak with green de la beans, sir.
Waiter: Coming right up.
by Mr. Wordington the Tenth October 27, 2018
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That famous laugh that Mickey Mouse would always utter.
Mickey Mouse: Hot dog! Today's an amazing day! Ha, ha!
Donald Duck: Ah, phooey! You again? Quack!
by Mr. Wordington the Tenth October 25, 2018
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