“Inky” is a phrase used to describe some as attractive or cool.

This phrase is mainly used by hippy’s or young people.

#Inky 🦑


Term originally created by Alice Buckland
Veronica is soy inkyyyy.
by CoolChristian666 May 11, 2020
Is a term used mainly by {stoners} and it means that something is small, or bad. It was thought of when several children light a join that had ink on it. The ink was light and the stoners made the name "Inky"
Oh {shit} i cant believe you took such a small hit. That shit was inky.
by That guy. 1341242112 January 10, 2009
Inky noun
Used as an alternate word for kinky, usually in otherwise "clean" settings. Used most commonly in ship names
"Jatt's being a 'lil INKYYYYYY!"
by Jatt Inkylicious October 28, 2022
Hey can i borrow an inky to write down this address?
by T high skool June 1, 2009
A being of a pathetic nature that normally acts the opposite of his or her gender.
You're acting like a real Inky today.
by cjs9485 May 5, 2008
It means you think something is cool or fun.
Gucci bags on sale?! Inkkkyyy!”
“Is that a new jacket? Inky!”
by Lizzy22 December 1, 2018
common slang in chicago meaning, having a lot of tattoos
im bout to go get inky.
j-mo inky, he covered in tattoos
by chicamp December 9, 2014