The long lost daughter of Mr. Wordington the Tenth, Wordington-Chan (Her real name is Lexica) is a psuedo-anime girl who devotes herself to a love of vocabul-

Wordington-Chan: Hi, sugar daddy! Can I write the definition?

Um...sure, be my guest.

Wordington-Chan: Thanks, daddy~! Now, as of you, Urban Dictionary, let me tell you all about myself...

I, Wordington-Chan, am a super kawaii magical girl who devotes myself to a love of vocabulary, and as you know, I love words~! I know all about a lot of words, because I was born with the powers of a dictionary! My father wants to share all of his definitions with you, guys, and I am helping him along the way! :3
You: Y'know, you're kinda cute, Wordington-Chan.
Wordington-Chan: Yeah, thanks, you got that right~...wordington~!
by Mr. Wordington the Tenth October 14, 2018
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