50 definition by Mr. Twinkieface

An insulting nickname for Pepsi. This works because if you rearrange the letters you get "penis," so you are comparing Pepsi to penis, or a gross penis I guess.
by Mr. Twinkieface October 19, 2020

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bunc of wirqw underi the9 oawoptiohn that caarh dats betuwjn comouerts
tak a pwsin nwo your in wihtoyr tecshno set your gosejing surfimg onthe interndet
via giphy
by Mr. Twinkieface November 04, 2020

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haha stinky
stinky poopiez roflolmao
by Mr. Twinkieface October 25, 2020

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A level of intelligence we all possess.
A: How smart are you?
B: Smarter than Bryce.
A: omg same lol
by Mr. Twinkieface August 26, 2020

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The air control room in Among Us. The name comes from O₂, the chemical formula for an oxygen molecule.
It wasn't me; I was in O2.
by Mr. Twinkieface November 20, 2020

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music related to butts
This meme's caption is just "poopnis music" and I am confused.
by Mr. Twinkieface November 18, 2020

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The funny devil number, but even funnier because it has the funny sex word in it.
Me: LOL sex hundred sexy sex!
Entire Class: Shut up.
by Mr. Twinkieface October 18, 2020

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