Such a cool dude and has the best personality and always makes your much better
Your so kind Maan
by Bouegreenornagered November 30, 2019
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A member of the "The Married And Always Nagged"(or MAAN) clan in the PS3 game--Warhawk (and more recently COD4). The only requirement for entry is being married (edit--The Warhawk section of MAAN clan is now closed off to new entrants). These gamers are especially known for their good natured ribbing of each other during matches. They also seem to travel in packs, as you rarely see only one in a game. They have a great reputation in the PS3 community.
Dude, that MAAN clanner just took out 5 guys with a TOW. F-ing JSin!!
by Eucadian January 17, 2008
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When Hitler and Stalin join forces
Oh shit Maan has begun.
by benis69 November 22, 2018
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An adjective describing how "nifty" something is. ( used mostly in Texas and Louisiana )
MAAN!!! Check out the rims on the SLAB.
by RoseGold April 16, 2006
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Maan is a term used to describe a code word used in public for a hot girl nearby.
by Boffo1 October 9, 2021
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a guy wid a hump! his head is perpendicular to his back.

his trouseres are too tight for his ass and legs, so when he runs, you see his ass shaking!!
dude ur back is perpendicular to ur head.

yh i know im a maan
by brraaaap May 4, 2006
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