To Walk or glide in a diagonal or sideways manner. To strut or move about in an ostentatious or conspicuous manner.
Cameras flashed and fans screamed as the latest pop princess sashayed down the red carpet.
by MoonCricket March 27, 2005
The art of walking like a drag queen.

An alternative to goodbye.

The height of coolness
Gareth said goodbye to Amy and proceeded to Sashay Away.

Miriam said to Sarah, Sashay Away - I'll see you later.
by Giant Mushrooms January 11, 2011
In RuPaul’s 'Supermodel (You Better Work)', the words ‘Sashay, Shantay’ are said in one sentence and could actually be french for ‘Know how to sing’ i.e. ‘Sachez chanter

'Shantay, you stay' is used when a queen keeps her place in the race after Lipsyncing for her life. It could be argued that this could mean : 'You sang well, you stay.' In french : 'Tu as bien chanté, tu restes.'

Chanté/ chanter is pronounced 'Shantay' in french.
'Shantay, you stay. Sashay, away.' 'Work, Sashay, Shantay' - Supermodel (You Better Work)
by Polon007 June 12, 2021
The act of stating for the entire room that you are leaving after being defeated in a discussion group or forum online. Cry for attention, basically.
Jane-Bob: "Really gone this time. I cannot stomach the men and two women on this page. No longer will expose myself to their rubbish!"

Jim-Bob: "Haha! The Dramatic Sashay Out (DSO) kills me every time. Troll for attention much?"
by virex21 October 4, 2013
High on methamphetamines…similar to gacked up on whoop chicken but usually refers to hopped up males of the homosexual persuasion..
Dick was high as a kite last night…he certainly had a little pâté in his sashay.
by Dick Dick Goose Guy August 26, 2021