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'Introducing Your Transvestite Brother Who Is Now Your Sister To Your Heterosexual Wife= A Fagmentous Occasion
by Moof April 4, 2005
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Metaforical goggles, believed to be "worn" due to imbibing to much alcohol. Specifically, the enhanced visual appeal of women who would be considered fugly when sober.
"Sure I can see she's a double bagger now, but I had them beergoggles on last night."
by Moof July 11, 2003
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Cf. double bagger, three bagger.

A woman whose face is so ugly, you'd need to cover her face with a bag during sex. Not as bad as a two bagger.
"A three bagger? That's a one bagger, and I'm two cold ones away from wearing beergoggles -- watch me hit it!"
by Moof July 11, 2003
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"She's a right old lezzer"
by Moof July 11, 2003
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The act of hitting someone in the balls.
Dobson was being a dillhole, so I doinked him, and now he has ovaries.
by Moof September 3, 2003
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A desirable car which impresses the ladies.
"This car is a chick magnet"
by Moof July 11, 2003
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Used in papers you know noting about, yet mutually respected as a legitimate answer by english teachers everywhere, because they are too afraid to admit they don't know what the ever popular phrase actually means
It was a coming of age novel about Bestiality. And a young boy. Fucktard.
by Moof September 3, 2003
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