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A Tuesday on which you wear really bright, cheerful-colored clothes to work to overcome the previous day's Monday blues.
After an exceptionally dull Monday, Dan wore a bright yellow tie to go with his royal blue shirt this morning, because it was a Huesday.
by Mohit Hira February 10, 2009

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An Internet evangelist.
A netvangelist will take every available opportunity to promote the benefits of the Internet, even if he doesn't work in the online industry.
by Mohit Hira February 15, 2009

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An event/meeting/situation where it's mandatory to have at least one woman present.
Also: anything mandated by a woman.
It's womandatory to have at least one female member included in the teams participating in the Microsoft Corporate Challenge.
by Mohit Hira March 27, 2009

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Being drowned out by incessant protests while trying to say something - inspired by the South African horn being heard the Football World Cup.
The politician tried pacifying the raging mob but was vuvuzela'd by their hoots and jeers.
by Mohit Hira June 17, 2010

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A phenomenon caused by the unexpected shutting down of a company/industry in one economy resulting in a disappearance of jobs en masse in another economy; thus, making an entire group of people obsolete overnight... creating a reverse Slumdog Millionaire.
When a leading insurance company filed for bankruptcy in the US, it also created jobsolence for several hundred outsourced call-center workers in India.
by Mohit Hira March 02, 2009

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The equivalent of 'homesick' except that it refers to missing an office that you were recently a part of, or spent a long time in.
Having moved to another role that required him to relocate, Michael didn't realise he'd miss his former colleagues and be as officesick as he was.
by Mohit Hira January 20, 2014

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Public anger directed at corporations like AIG which blow up taxpayers' funds for self-gain.
When the Board announced handsome bonuses that could be paid to themselves because of the generous funds they had received as part of the bailout package, there was outraig amongst the shareholders.
by Mohit Hira March 21, 2009

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