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to leave; take off

especially when details of departure or destination are suggested more by circumstance than a schedule or itinerary.

common in the Midwest esp. Mi
Those two argue all the time but if I have to duck, I'm heading out!


We are going to the bar, wanna head out with us?

by miss elis March 31, 2008

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v. to react
commonly used to bridge descriptions of a scenario and the evoked reaction.

Uniquely applied to precede:
1. non-verbal description,
2. dramatization, or
3. extreme use of slang.

Reserved for casual peer-peer discussion. Misuse in official or formal setting is suggestive of poor education or lower intelligence.
"he threw his dirty clothes at me" and I was like:
1. (non-verbal demonstrative) ex: speaker plugs nose, or expresses look of shock..
2. "there is no way in hell I'm doing your laundry Mister!"
3. "nu-uh.. no you ditin... uh-ah"


"she's a proper girl she's always got to be like:
1. (non-verbal demonstrative) ex: speaker tilts head back and to side slightly closing eyes
2. "we can't break a rule we'd go to hell"
3. "little miss priss" "somethin something"

Common misuse:
addressing a police officer, judge, or doctor.
"you could hear his car pull up and then it'd be like:
1. (non-verbal demonstrative) speaker punches fist
2. "a war was going on inside"
3. "time to cut out"
by miss elis March 31, 2008

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unpleasant: typically referring to grotesque/ repulsive - or - unfair/ backhanded
Whatever that is hanging from her nose is so boage I can't look at her.
Taking your little brother's allowance was boage.
You're grounded on your birthday? Man, your parents are boage!
by miss elis October 24, 2009

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very cool

originated in the 1980's
Those sunglasses are bomb out! You have to get them.

Wouldn't a snow day during finals be the perfect bomb out?!


you got an A? Bomb out!
by miss elis March 31, 2008

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you're an idiot if don't already know what comes next

when prefacing a blatantly obvious statement, observation, or suggestion the use of "might" sarcastically implies the subject is a moron
If you're allergic to dogs, veterinary receptionist might not be the best job for you.

You might make sure you know her name sometime before jumping into bed.

Too bad your car died! Next time a check engine light comes on you might want to have someone check the engine, huh?
by miss elis March 31, 2008

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One deficient in judgment and good sense: ass, idiot, imbecile, jackass

verb: To cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

"i ain't never got me none of that, you my boo, i don't gotta kwame"


"I seen your cell records kwame... and you lyin'"


" ....Detroit Police chief Ella Bully Commings be all kwame'd-up nasty to pull them TVs out the Detroit police stations "
by Miss Elis April 04, 2008

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