1. A word used to describe a female who exhibits excessively prude, or tart behavior.
2. Feminine form of prick
Becky, shut up, you're being such a priss.
by Yocheo May 15, 2006
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baby, wuss, girl, etc.
god, stop being such a priss.
by Anonymous June 18, 2005
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A delicate Superficial plastic wanna be princess, and sometimes they can also be bitches... but that is not the case with all of them.
that baby cry over there is such a priss
by Yehseh April 5, 2006
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'to priss' is derived from 'to piss preventively'
this means taking a piss without really having to, just because you know you won't be able to piss for a while
"I'm going to priss before the movies"

"Damn, I forgot to priss before the ride. Now I have to ask the driver to pull over"
by Thomas & Tristan August 11, 2008
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Proud and pissed at the same time.
My son realized how improved his German had become when he blew a 1.1 on the breathalyzer and could still communicate with the German officer. Not sure if I should be pissed or proud. Or, both at the same time. I am prissed.
by SkyBucket March 27, 2020
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Not quite angry (pissed), but more than just annoyed; applies to a girl who could be described as a "priss" or to a whiny, overly dramatic gay guy
At a gay club
"Oh, my God, I'm like so prissed! That snooty bartender put like NO vodka in my cosmo!"
by Eric Coyne July 31, 2003
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