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A very classy and loyal friend. Usually shy but once he lightens he is amazing. A great cook with tons of soul. u cant believe how confident he is. But don't take him wrong he will bite back. He has the best jokes. And loves to plan things out. Has a bright future ahead.He can be akward but yet so smooth. People mistake him and assume he is someone he is not . He is not like the other guys. He is not a street boy. But a classy loyal funny bright young man with a creative mind.
That girl is lucky to have a kwame like him
kwame is the perfect guy
by creativemind2345 November 23, 2013
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A funny African male. Loves his friends and family. Is not afraid of showing his emotions, and is very intelligent.
Kwame is a very good friend
by Hiquo May 29, 2017
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A Smooth Beast. A lover who you will never forget, he will be a classy gentleman and show you endless love and respect. He will never treat you wrongly or dog you but when he trust you he will be a freak like none other with a sex drive to match. He can be soft or blunt with is words, he hates to be insulted or disrespected. His anger will equal his love of everything. Be careful how you treat him.
Yo bruh dat nigga waz straight kwame @ da club lazz nite!
by Posiden ! June 26, 2011
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In some West African countries, Kwame is a male child born on saturday
Kwame Gyang
Kwame Nkrumah
Kwame Holman
by Kwame gyang November 06, 2006
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To send a secretive, sexual text message to a person other than your spouse. Often goes hand-in-hand with using one's political power to seduce women.
"Bill just bought his wife a huge diamond ring."
"Why, an anniversary?"
"Nah man, I think he's scared his wife is gonna find out about the kwame going on behind her back."
by Jompee May 22, 2008
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