6 definitions by Mikmelhan

Teenagers with all the brightly colored beaded bracelets and jewlry that frequent raves and may or may not do extacy and are sickly happy all the time.
Many also like care bears, rainbow brite, hello kitty, and other happy cartoons and wear merchandise with the characters on it.
"all those damn candy kids are at the rave"
"those candy kids are like rainbow bright on crack!"
by Mikmelhan September 6, 2005
The act of creating a muffin top effect on yourself and trying to get away with it.
"If I wear a longer shirt noone will notice my muffin top syndrome!"
by Mikmelhan September 5, 2005
A guy who seems like he would or has molested children or raped a woman.
"that guy at the park was so chestery I had to take my kids back home!"
by Mikmelhan September 6, 2005
A guy who likes to suck on pregnant or recently pregnant womens breasts.
When a guy says "what a beautiful baby" while speaking into your breasts.

Guy "What a beautiful baby!" *while looking at mommas boobies*
Girl "What are you a milk junkie?"
by Mikmelhan September 5, 2005
A little piece of poo stuck on your butt hole that stays there for a while
or a bug hanging on to your clothes
"oh looks like you've got a hitchiker"
by Mikmelhan September 6, 2005
A man who looks at you and licks his lips or seems to be undressing you with his eyes and uses derogatory pet names when responding to girls he doesn't have a close relationship with.
"did you see how that skeezery guy looked at me, like he wanted to spread me on a cracker, and he keeps calling me hon or suga"

"my boss is so skeezery, he's always watching me walk away"
by Mikmelhan September 6, 2005