13 definition by MikeyD25

A person who goes to the bathroom in school to actually shit and not use their phone
Me: John, why do you never use your phone in the bathroom?
John: I'm an honest shitter, I need to actually let it all out
by MikeyD25 October 13, 2016

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Becoming one of the hottest people on earth and then becoming one of the worst musicians to ever live on the planet
i feel like Fergie is Paris Hilton-ing now L.A. Love sucks dick man
by MikeyD25 February 16, 2015

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A joke done whilst living in the moment
Im Gonna eat a worm for the hecky
by MikeyD25 April 27, 2017

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A quote used by people who think they're slav and try to tell someone how hard it was back home.
In Soviet Russia, you don't cook food, Food cook you
by MikeyD25 January 31, 2018

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(v) Syrian-American slang that defines as Intercourse, or Sex
(adj) Describing someone who was screwed over
Timmy: This g I was with last night, 30-minute neek

You Failed your final? That's a Neek
by MikeyD25 January 30, 2018

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American Jewish Middle eastern slang referring to someone who Talks out of their Ass
I'm gonna go towak this girl about a Lamborghini
by MikeyD25 January 30, 2018

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