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American-Syrian Jewish Slang used to refer to anything you may forget the name of
Jeff: Where is the Item tonight
Sam: At Marlene's House
by MikeyD25 January 30, 2018
A Sexual Act named after Ronaldo. This act requires the female to give you permission to blow your load in her Vagina. when you shoot and score, with the dick in her pussy, It is customary to scream "SIIIII" while doing the exact motion Ronaldo does after scoring. Motion is shown in the GIF
This girl let me cum inside her, I did that Magical Cristiano Ronaldo and screamed SI while I came
by MikeyD25 January 30, 2018

The act of Thanos snapping his fingers in Infinity War, thus wiping out half of all known existence
Can't we just call Thanos's genocide The Snappening?
by MikeyD25 May 6, 2019
Becoming one of the hottest people on earth and then becoming one of the worst musicians to ever live on the planet
i feel like Fergie is Paris Hilton-ing now L.A. Love sucks dick man
by MikeyD25 February 16, 2015
A quote used by people who think they're slav and try to tell someone how hard it was back home.
In Soviet Russia, you don't cook food, Food cook you
by MikeyD25 January 30, 2018
Slang used by American Jews of Middle Eastern descent to say "no" or "let us not engage in this activity." Derived from the Arabic Word, Hadjeh
James: Wanna go bowling
Ricky: Hadj, let's go for food instead
by MikeyD25 January 30, 2018