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It's a handy word that easily explains a big gap in your evening of drinking. When you went from drunk and aware, to drunken and unaware, but then got busy with missions that can't be pieced together the next day.
I woke up outside my own house cuddling a wheelie bin, covered in glitter, wearing budgie smugglers over jeans and holding the reins to a miniature horse. Man, I was so drunken last night.
by genoir April 22, 2010
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This is used when one is very tired, usually due to excess tiredness, and drunkeness behaviour. Sometimes tracks like 'jump around' are involved. One gets awful grumpy.
Mark Piper the grumpy drunken tired fool.
by Daz Barkwill July 12, 2006
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the act of drinking with the intention of getting epicly drunk.
dude - i am goin drunken with gore tonight, and we plan on tearing this town a new one.

wow, going drunken last night was a bad idea - i woke up next to a donkey.

um, next time i say lets go drunken tell me no...we stole a midget last night
by bubbap October 28, 2011
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This word is only used to describe how much drink has been drunk whilst that person is actually drunk.
by Will Marston May 19, 2003
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