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The best show you will ever see!!! New season starting this April!! Watch it. www.trailerparkboys.com
J Roc- Yerr know what I'm sayin'!!
by Mike D March 22, 2004

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an organisation whose sole purpose is to make jobless peoples lives a misery by boring them to insanity with yellow walls and hollow tasks in a fascist dictatorship
of jobsworth failures.
"a4e is shit" erm its boring shit very boring shit
by mike d March 22, 2005

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Awesome N64 game, that was also ported to Game Boy (apparently you can swap game info between them...gameboy is lame anyway...)
It is definately the best N64 game ever!!
by mike d March 22, 2005

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Used to house the most violent criminals in Alcatraz
Yo, my boi just got 30 to life fo a crime he dint commit. Dem pigz sent him to Cell block D.
by mike d November 14, 2018

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From the St. Sebastian's Renaissance Guild website:


When a bow is "high strung" it means that when the bow is strung the height of the string from the handle is over 6 inches. This made the bow fast to shoot but over-stressed the wood causing the bow to have a very short life. When a bow fails it tends to explode.

So a "high strung" person is quick to blow up. Quick to anger, etc
The high strung mall security guard told me he'd kick my ass if I tried to skateboard again.
by Mike D March 09, 2005

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After a night of extreme drinking, you get up to take a shit. And it smells so bad that your eyes BURN.
"Steve, i could smell your mexican shit on the other side of the building... how fucked up did you get last night dude?"
by Mike D June 20, 2006

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slang for drugs used by people in the business
Your product is really pure
by mike d January 13, 2004

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