10 definitions by Mighty Whitey

One of English extraction who immigrated to Canada.
Thomas and Mary left England for the good life in Canada. Now they're certified Britnadians through and through.
by Mighty Whitey August 9, 2003
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Female who lives for sucking cock and prefers it over vaginal penetration.
Tammy is such a hose beast that I'll be taking her to the drive-in on Friday night.
by Mighty Whitey August 12, 2003
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A artificially created holiday for blacks so they could feel good about themselves and not have to celebrate Christmas like the white man.
Fo' Kwanza, Tyrone gots some gold teef and a foty ounce beer.
by Mighty Whitey August 29, 2003
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Did you see all the crazy congoids running up and down 5th street after the 50 cent concert?
by Mighty Whitey August 8, 2003
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A greeting extended by slackers and pot heads to one another. Abbreviated version of "snootchie bootchies".
Snootchies nigger, now where is the $5 you owe me?
by Mighty Whitey August 8, 2003
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To relax comfortably with Dr.Scholls gel shoe inserts.
Similar to "chillin'like a villain."
I'm gellin' like a felon, eating some melon, feeling up helen and my member is swellin'
by Mighty Whitey August 23, 2003
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