Term used to refer to a negroid. Congoid is often derogatory although it was originally used simply as a term of identification.
Original usage: "I am about...6ft, handsome, congoid, friendly..."

Current usage: "HOLY FUCK! That MAD monkey-like congoid is jumping around, eating bananas, grunting and killing people!"
by Mishal November 21, 2005
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someone who is of maxxxed out west/central african ancestry. the female form is congess . east africans, such as somalis and some ethiopians are generally not considered congoids, as they're of a genetically seperate branch of africans, and their features are different, not maxxxed.
1. Damn that congoid with the maxxxed out nasal structure and hyper melanation sure is scary.

2. That congess sure has a big booty. Methinks She'd be mighty fine for breeding.
by Farax October 30, 2006
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Did you see all the crazy congoids running up and down 5th street after the 50 cent concert?
by Mighty Whitey August 8, 2003
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One of several(?) living species of men. A negro person of sub-Saharan Africa now found cast broadly amongst the four corners of the Earth.
"There's no mistaking the fact that your child is congoid".
by rodhandler December 22, 2003
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