Enchanted war hammer belonging to the mystical God of Thunder, the Mighty Thor.
If Loki plays one more trick on Thor, he's going to shove Mjolnir up his ass, sideways.
by Mighty Whitey August 10, 2003
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hi, do you like my mjolnir? now would you like gay sex? i can hammer it in like thor.
by MorelSucksCock June 24, 2012
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A class of armor or powered-armor in the sci-fi games Marathon and Halo, produced by Bungie Studios.
When in his mjolnir armor, John could flip a 66 ton tank with ease.
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
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A substitute for any word pertaining to anything offensive; can be used in any form (i.e: adj, verb, noun...). Most often used to insult someone or something.
Most versatile word in the urban english language. Also see Mjolnir Slam
a) While you thought I was at Matt's house, I was most definately mjolniring your mother.

b) Wow Josh, you're such an mjolnir.

c) I was driving other day and some guy tried to cut me off. It was such an automotive mjolnir.

d) That was a harsh mjolnir Josh, you shouldn't even try to make a comeback to that.

e) I just dropped the largest mjolnir in the toilet, that's why I was in the bathroom for so long.
by ironchoad November 4, 2006
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A burn or insult in its most harsh aspect. Reserved and used for making fun of and/or reprimanding anyone who deserves such a remark (i.e: pedophiles...) Can also be used as a threat. Used as a noun or verb. Also see Mjolnir}
a) You're dating a 14 year old and you're 18??? I'm going to mjolnir slam your ass.

b) That was such an mjolnir slam that you should just leave, don't even try to retaliate.

c) You seem to be in need of an mjolnir slam, son.
by ironchoad October 29, 2006
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