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Someone who chooses not to allow the media and society to dictate who the fuck they are, because they choose to take advantage of a functioning brain while they still have theirs and use them to maintain a state of individuality.
Anyone who argues there's no such thing as individuality because everything's been done before is contradicting them self, because the act of expressing your OWN opinions (which is evidently possible if you're able to speak) involves being an individual, and if they try to argue THAT, they need to get a fucking dictionary.
Yes, it is possible for someone to claim to be a punk rocker and actually be one. If punk rock were about who is 'phony' or 'real', it wouldn't be punk rock- it'd be something else.

No one can MAKE you be punk rock or not. Sure, I could tell you that you're not right now, but if you're going to let that get to you, ARE you really punk rock?
You choose.

Punk rock is living it up while you can. By my definition.

Listen to some Punk Rock music, and contemplate the lyrics. If you're smart, you'll probably get where I'm coming from.

If you're not smart, you should start with something a little more productive, such as...:

why you're breathing in the first place.

(I dare you to make a post if I left anything out.)
"Now KC, she don't want to admit where she is wrong
And KC, she wants to run run run
She's a punk rocker, she don't trust no one
On a South Bay bus all alone...
...KC was never caught up
like the rest of the rats in a fucking maze
"Check me out," she said, "I'm in a concrete jungle,
I'm an individual and you are stuck in a haze..."-Rancid, Red Hot Moon
by Janie L. Black March 28, 2010
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probably the coolest group of people you would ever meet. not cool as in they are the height of fashion and popular with everyone. cool as in, they are nice to people who respect the scene and dont stereotype people. they accept everyone and listen to peoples ideas and actually think about things while rocking out.
punk rockers ARE: cool, fun, thoughtful, intelligent, understanding

punk rockers are NOT: all potheads, stuck up, or selfish
by moshpit July 05, 2006
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Someone who likes punk rock sometimes just rock. They dress quite cool and go wild with style.
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
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A person who wears punk clothes (clothes that they choose to wear to either rebel against the system, or because thats just what they truly want to wear, NOT because the want everyone to think theyre punk) and likes punk music

See also Punk (Culture)
Some of the 'founders' of punk rock, and serious punk rockers were the ramones, buzzcocks, generation x.
by Siobhan m May 10, 2006
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