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That song by Gorillaz. You know, the one that keeps talking about the future coming on.
by MetaPaladin December 4, 2003
First-person shooter that is good and solid, but horribly overrated. People tout this as "the greatest game ever made" when it doesn't even come close to the greatness of Half-Life, Counter-Strike, or Unreal Tournament. The only people who think it's the best game ever are those who bought an Xbox and wanted to make the most of it.
Halo fanboy: OMG Halo is teh best game evar!!1
Me: Yeah, if you're nothing but a graphics whore.
by MetaPaladin November 23, 2003
A mispronunciation of "Zerg", a race in Starcraft. Usually used by either:

1. Idiots who can't spell
2. People mocking others who fit example 1
OMFG Karigan is a zargs!!!1!
by MetaPaladin October 31, 2003
Capture the Flag, a gametype found in several FPS games, where opposing teams try to take a flag located within their enemy's base and carry it back to their own to score.
I won the CTF match by 2 points.
by MetaPaladin October 31, 2003
29 letters long, the word means "the categorization of something as not important or trivial."
Many children and teenagers take part in the floccinaucinihilipilification of school.
by MetaPaladin November 9, 2003
Kickass fighting game made by SNK. Basically "Fatal Fury 4", though the game has an entirely new cast of characters (with the exception of the immortal Terry Bogard). Though it still uses the old Neo-Geo hardware, it looks beautiful and has insane amounts of animation.
Let's play Garou so I can kick your ass with Hotaru Futaba, Gato, or Freeman.
by MetaPaladin December 7, 2003
In Unreal Tournament, getting 5 frags in a row without dying.
You killed pwnage_r0xx0r
Killing Spree!!!
by MetaPaladin November 2, 2003