Cat in spanish...
by pwnz0r September 19, 2003
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In Argentina, "gato" Is used to make a reference to people who is commanded for other people with more power. E.g. Mauricio Macri, formal president of Argentina is a "gato" because he is being commanded economical and financially by CEOs and Mafias leaders. Like Hector Magnetto the leader of "grupo Clarín" ones said to reference the presidential chair: minor position (puesto menor).
by joaco January 23, 2018
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Spanish for 'cat'. At least in Argentina (can't speak for any other country) it is used:
1. For a female, meaning 'slut' or 'whore'.
2. Less commonly, males of a lower income (the "villeros") use it to call one another.
Mirá, mirá como saca culo! ¡Que gato! ("Look at her wriggling her butt! What a cat!")

"Que onda, gato?" ("What's up cat?")
by Ashlei Rachel August 13, 2011
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Translated from spanish, literally just means "cat"
Gato: (in response) "mmeeeowww!!"
by OG GATO December 14, 2007
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Gato is a Hispanic person nicknamed for his resemblance to a cat. He is attractive having a slim or fit body and colored eyes that are almost hypnotic. Gato has a wild personality and can be both introverted and outgoing when he pleases. His emotions affect his behaviour because he is a hot head and can't take jokes but his anger usually ends almost as soon as it began. He gets jealous when he doesnt get the attention he wants and can become sassy and petty or At worst try to fight somebody. At times he can be rather annoying or impulsive but it doesn't become a problem. He has a twisted and unusual sense of humor that can scare people away or confuse them. Gato can seem crazy or dumb but he is very deceptive, making you think he's one step back when He's really 3 steps ahead. Gato can also be popular for his lively attitude and charm, he's very adventurous and bold, but his rebelious ways can bring him trouble. As a friend he's very selective and keeps few friends but As a lover he is very loyal and selfless towards his sweetheart and completely devotes his life to her. Gato can be difficult to understand but he's overall a fun person to hang out with.
That's my homie Gato down there
by Tiffmoney September 19, 2017
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Spanish for cat. Best used by Martin Lawrence in Blue Streak.
Tengo un gato en mis pantalones = I have a cat in my pants.
by look_its_a_name May 22, 2005
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