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People who like graphics over gameplay and will spend way to much on there pc to play 8k because 1440p not good enough for them even if they have no money for games. They also will sacrifice framerate for slightly less aliasing. And become broke
graphics whore: i got the new nvidia (expensive card type here) for £579

Me: how much money have you got for steam sales then
graphics whore: none im bankrupt because of it
by Gamerdef October 20, 2015
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An Xbox or Playstation fanboy, thinking graphics and horsepower equal everything.
Xbox fanboy: We shuld laff at teh Wii U cuz it haz no gaymz ore online ore moshun cuntrull!!1

Playstation fanboy: It dun hav grafices eivor!!1

Nintendo gamer: Fucking graphics whores.
by picklestein May 02, 2015
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One who, in video games, values graphics above all and ignores all other aspects of the game. Also known for rejecting unrealistic graphic types such as cel-shading.

Stupid people, basically.
I can't play my SNES because the graphics suck too much.
by mynamewastaken June 28, 2005
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Basically someone who likes the video game for the graphics, not the gameplay. Usually refuses to play older games on any console besides Newer-generation consoles.
Johnny: Hey, George, do you wanna play some Grand Theft Auto: Vice city?

George: No way! Those graphics suck ass, Grand theft auto 4's are better!

Johnny: Yeah but, Vice city kicks 4's ass.


Johnny: ...Graphics whore...

by Cameron The Spameron December 22, 2009
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In terms of the marketing crap that is called "the console wars" or the "next generation wars" in video game consoles, it is someone that puts down, denies, refutes, and ignores a system solely if the console does not have the graphic and processing power as the other competition.

See: fanboy for other details.
Boy1: "Omg, the Nintendo Wii is so freaking awesome."
Boy2: "It is just the gamecube with a new remote. It is so gimicky. It can't even go beyond 480i!"
Boy1: "You're just a graphics whore."
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The shame of gaming, the worst kind of gamer, and one that gives other gamers a bad name by hating on a game because the graphics aren't realistic enough for them, when instead, they should be looking for smooth controls, varied moves/abilities, smooth gameplay with few bugs, and above all, fun.
Graphics Whore: I'm going to play my 360 and PS3 because I am awesome.
Me: Well, have fun. I'm going to play SNES, N64, Genesis, and NES.
Graphics Whore: You still play that outdated shit? Man, that shit is stupid and the graphics suck balls!
Me: You know what? Why don't you go fuck yourself with a rusty chainsaw?
by HardcoreGamer4Ever May 14, 2010
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(1) A person who likes the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy 3 more than the original NES game.

(2) A person who hates Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories simply because it doesn't have the same clunky-looking 3D graphics as the other two games in the series.
Old-School FF Fan: Have you played FF3?

Mr. Never-Played-a-FF-Before-7: Yeah! I renamed Luneth to "Bubba."

Old-School FF Fan: Five letter names? Luneth? What the heck
are you talking about that piece of junk remake for? I meant the REAL Final Fantasy 3, ya friggin' graphics whore!

Mr. Never-Played-a-FF-Before-7: Waaaah! You called me a whore! I'm gonna go cut myself and be emo like Cloud now!
by Alberto Alfredo von Poodmu September 19, 2007
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