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a half-divine, half-human being sent from heaven; has supernatural, badass powers, and has major influence on women.
"Wow, my last boyfriend just didn't do it for me...I need to find a miko"
by kinkywaitress47 September 01, 2008
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The literal translation is "medium, sorceress, or shrine maiden". It often crops up in anime.
"See that woman praying? She's a miko."
by Mephianse September 08, 2004
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An extremely epic and kick-ass moderator.
Known mostly for draining the life out of ban-dodgers and hopeless noobs.
Her origin's are mostly shrouded in mystery, and if you ask her where she lives she'll simply reply "Mikoland".
- inuyashalover9000: who the f#ck is MIKO???//
- !!!inuyashalover9000 was booted from the chat by miko!!!
by muffin fiend January 12, 2009
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best fuking CS player in the world .... beat up adam frod and kurpt ... pwnz all #miami miko`a1{H}
MiKo pwned fRoD at the lan.
by miko December 30, 2004
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Shinto shrine maiden. Often seen in various anime, where a female character works as a miko.
by DemoLiter July 14, 2003
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Also spelled as ミコ (Mee-koh), she is the lead guitarist of the well-known female band, exist†trace. She joined at the start-up of the band in 2003 with Jyou on vocals, NAOTO on bass and Mally on the drums in the line-up. She was born March 7th. Blood type is B. Her favorite brand is Vivienne Westwood, "BOUDOR", and Lolita Lempica. Out of the five members, she is one of the three who does not smoke. Though she is a female, she is quite talented and expresses herself through the guitar, once the spotlight shines down on her.
Fan 1#: Hey, have you seen miko on stage?
Fan 2#: You mean the guitarist from exist†trace?
Fan 1#: Yes! Her!
Fan 2#: She's amazing.
by reita June 01, 2009
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