31 definitions by MemeGod326981

a penis-shaped face
John has a penisface.
by MemeGod326981 August 2, 2023
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Johnny got a hemorrhoid and the bully called him Mr. Dinglecherry
by MemeGod326981 June 16, 2022
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A 2-player game that male boys play where player 1 takes his foot and puts it 1 centimeter away from player 2's penis, If player 2 gets a boner, he loses, if nobody gets a boner, they both take turns and switch.
Joseph and Travis played Wiener Roulette, Travis won because Joseph got a boner.
by MemeGod326981 October 7, 2023
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The excuse of lesbian retarded girls for them to have sex. It is shitty behavior and everyone who does and says this should get executed.
Addisyn and Bryce had sex and as an excuse, they said "I'm just lovin' my pookie" and walked away.
by MemeGod326981 August 1, 2023
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A racist thing that annoying girls from ages 10-30 say that is similar to saying white power but it is used by Latina supremacists and nobody thinks that's a thing because the USA is a joke.
Hey, I got a racist shirt that says Latina power
by MemeGod326981 August 1, 2023
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An old lady who looks 20 years older than her age
Uhh, what a Daniela Sobolic, shes only 50?! I thought she was 70
by MemeGod326981 December 18, 2022
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A faster way to say "Fuck Yeah" is by shortening the word Fuck to just an F sound next to the word 'yeah'
Grandpa: Wanna go to Utah this weekend?
Mormon Grandchild: fyeah Grandpa, I would love to!
by MemeGod326981 August 2, 2023
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