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Addisyn is very VERY pretty like it’s not even fair. She is normally mistaken for a slut or a hoe but that’s only because ppl are jealous of her. Many ppl love and adore her, she is very popular. Everyone that is not her friend tries to become her friend. She loves animals more than anything else, other than her boyfriend and family. She loves watching movies, hanging out with friends, and helping animals. She is one fun person to be around!
Addisyn is so freakin pretty!!
by Savages2006 November 25, 2018
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A person with a deciving smile. Very funny, with lots of friends. Cant take life seriously.
"She is Definatly an Addisyn!"
by PaYneyy March 17, 2010
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The funnest person to be around, knows alot of the latest gossip and drama, and is normally pulled into it. Very, very aesthetic and loves tiny animals and Alice in Wonderland. Is really pretty when she doesn't try, and has really beautiful, healthy hair. Is also extremely smart and probably could be a model.
(Two friends walk out of cafe with cups of coffee}

Hey, you know that girl, Addisyn? *Takes sip*

Yeah, what about her?

She is soooo aesthetic and is rrreeeaaly pretty, don't you think?

Ooooh yeah, *takes a sip* hold this , let me go talk to her.
by tinycatsdancingonwater December 27, 2017
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A brown haired girl that normally tends to wear hoodies. She comes off as quiet and polite at first, but as you get to know her, her personality will spark to life. She is extremely clingy, and gets jealous quite easily, but she is an extremely likable person. She can be a bit confusing at times, though. One day she'll be quiet, kind, and sleepy. The next day...a hyper ball of energy. Sometimes she's okay with talking to others, and sometimes she gets shy. Its always hard to tell, but every day with her is a good one. She has many friends, and is obsessed with multiple series, like Harry Potter, Warrior Cats, Percy Jackson, Wings of Fire, Hamilton, etc. Despite being semi-popular, and having a bunch of friends, she normally doesn't like hanging around girls who could be considered popular. Oh, yeah, and shes stubborn.
"She's such an Addisyn!"
"She's as clingy as an Addisyn."
by Saturns_Rings February 12, 2019
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addisyn is a sweet girl, who will always have your back. but has a nasty ass attitude at the same time. she’s really pretty ( even if they don’t wanna believe it ) and always has hella guys over them, but only has eyes for one guy. addisyn is always thick wit a great personality for anyone who always has a friends back.
have you seen the new addisyn girl ?

yeah she’s so pretty & super sweet.

i heard she has an attitude.
by cookie324 November 25, 2018
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