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A person with a deciving smile. Very funny, with lots of friends. Cant take life seriously.
"She is Definatly an Addisyn!"
by PaYneyy March 17, 2010
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The funnest person to be around, knows alot of the latest gossip and drama, and is normally pulled into it. Very, very aesthetic and loves tiny animals and Alice in Wonderland. Is really pretty when she doesn't try, and has really beautiful, healthy hair. Is also extremely smart and probably could be a model.
(Two friends walk out of cafe with cups of coffee}

Hey, you know that girl, Addisyn? *Takes sip*

Yeah, what about her?

She is soooo aesthetic and is rrreeeaaly pretty, don't you think?

Ooooh yeah, *takes a sip* hold this , let me go talk to her.
by tinycatsdancingonwater December 27, 2017
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