12 definitions by McGee

this guy that looks like jesus with a hurta meth addiction (see junkie jesus). he love metal, pussy and beer and 'getting orrn'
brujeria, give the crackpipe back u fuckn crackhead
by McGee May 11, 2004
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to hit the meth and stay up all nite dribbling codshit
'lets get some maccas, get some paint and get orrrnn and do taggies'
by McGee May 11, 2004
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a hell guy who does graffiti, steals from servo's, likes to listen to britany spears and generally doesnt give a fuck. he likes to throw eggs at things from a moving vechicle and eat lots of serepax. he does tags and is in graffiti gangs
"lets go rack some eggs, just for a laff'
by McGee May 11, 2004
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to inject drugs into urself or someone else using a needle because ur a junkie fuck
i bunted smack the other day, it was jolly
by McGee May 11, 2004
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when you put a line through a tag or piece u think looks like dogshit/ or u hate them personally coz they stole ur drugs, beat u up etc to signify you hate them and their graff.
i slashed that tag coz its toy
by McGee May 11, 2004
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The male penis, in its un-erect position. Also see healthy wang
"I really need some stanky for my hangdown."
by McGee February 10, 2004
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chongs are another name for "bong's" used usually in a sentance to discribe the consumption or marijuana.
by McGee May 11, 2004
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