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a severe hottie! a severe hottie! a severe hottie!
Damn that girls a lillian oconnor!!!
by MavericK January 11, 2005
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Originally take from James Hetfield's guitar on the Metallica black album tour which said "EET FUK" it was then turned into 33T as influenced by 0wn3d to use numbers instead. This term is used similarly to 0wn3d, more so to taunt others when something good happens for you and something bad for them. Similar to the phrase "Eat it!" as well.
"33T!" , "You just got 0wn3d, 33T!"
by MavericK April 5, 2005
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A great guy, who, is really spontanious and fun to be around.
Hey, theres James, hes cool.
by MavericK March 17, 2005
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Short hairy Northerner from 'Boro. Has many quirks including the want for women to have periods on his face or wanting to have intercourse with every woman thats walks past him. Best described as a looking like a King Charles Spaniel.
Gooserick, a fine wing man to his friend Maverick
by MavericK March 23, 2005
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Short form of modus operandi(latin) which translates to motive of operation
"That wasn't good enough to keep my MO/Shit that wasn't good enough to complete my demo"
-Joe Budden (10 Mins)
by MavericK April 15, 2005
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A sorority girl who's main goal in life is to have sex with as many fraternity guys as possible, and who's ultimate goal is to bang the starting quarterback. Once they have accomplished that, they focus on banging pretty much every other athlete on campus. It is possible to identify a Sorostitute if they are driving down the road blasting any 50 Cent song.
Hey have you been to a Tri Delta party recently? Those girls are a bunch of Sorostitutes!
by MavericK July 24, 2005
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Maverick is his own man, non follow in his footsteps because of fear and non could live up to it - Maverick is the one true source of individuality and wonder - his true identity is hidden but he resides as a student at Shenton College.
Individual, follows own path - does not belong
by MavericK January 21, 2005
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