verb, active: Agitated writhing on a footstool in a house other than your own.
Sam ottomaned at Myles's house when he was not given a ride home in a timely manner.
by Samuel Clark July 9, 2006
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an "empire" that was responsible for the Dark Ages. Brittish and Hapsburg manipulated and collapsed.
That ottoman is such a blood thirsty savage barbarian he is such a turk!
by Fayez Kata November 8, 2007
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A sexual position in which the man lays on an ottoman and bends over backwards off the back of the ottoman. The girl straddles and rides in the typical cowgirl or reverse cowgirl action.
by Matt Oakes March 27, 2004
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Simply the kindest, most honest guy in the world. He'll do everything he can to put a smile onto your face. If you manage to get him to have a smile on his get ready to fall. If you know an Otto make sure to keep them close by. They're simply the best in the world; hot as fuck too. 10/10 you're incredibly lucky to know one.
"Hey, who's the kid with all the girls swooning at his smile? "
"Oh! That's Ottoman, 10/10 isn't he?!"
by HoneyPot04 May 6, 2015
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An "Ottoman" Empire is an empire of ottomans spanning rule of six centuries of ottomans in your family room.
We hit up Louis Shanks and now we have an "Ottoman" Empire in our family room.
by PWS27 May 7, 2017
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