22 definitions by Maverick

Batman holds a knocked out Robin under his arm like a bag of ice.
Batman: Delicious....
by Maverick August 29, 2003
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Having ones cock sucked. A simple mix of the two words.
Man he got cucked by that babe!
by Maverick December 27, 2005
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A word of extreme disipointment commonly used with anger
Brother 1: I just tore your Spiderman #1
Brother #2: PHOM!!!!!!!!!! PHOM PHOM!!!!!! I'm gonna phom you up!
by Maverick September 3, 2003
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Brazillian slang term for a small penis.
Usually used in offence.
"Nick's a pinto"
"Hey! Get your hands off my woman, you pinto"
by Maverick October 13, 2003
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Short hairy Northerner from 'Boro. Has many quirks including the want for women to have periods on his face or wanting to have intercourse with every woman thats walks past him. Best described as a looking like a King Charles Spaniel.
Gooserick, a fine wing man to his friend Maverick
by Maverick March 23, 2005
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A: Hibadi habbi goooli ga!
B: .....Gnegh?
by Maverick August 30, 2003
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A great guy, who, is really spontanious and fun to be around.
Hey, theres James, hes cool.
by Maverick March 17, 2005
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