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When a (usually) woman equates sex with love, thinking that because a man had sex with her, it means that he loves her. In men, it is often a nerdy type who has sex out of his league and turns into a total obsessive. Is often the trigger for stalkerish behaviour.
Dude, you can't bang her, she has Sex-is-love Disorder!
by Matti! Matti! Matti! January 03, 2011

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A standard Christmas celebration held by people who aren't able to be with their birth families because they are overseas or have a difficult relationship with their family.

Often used by people who have been disowned by their parents, such as homosexuals who have escaped their conservative, small-town upbringing and moved to the more open-minded city.
"Tell everyone there's an Orphan's Christmas at mine this year. Bring a plate and the booze is on me!"
by Matti! Matti! Matti! November 25, 2011

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To become resigned to the fact that you won't be able to defecate until your colon decides it's ready to.
Patient: "I took the laxatives you gave me but I still haven't been able to go to the toilet."
Doctor: "Well, your bowel will evacuate when it's ready. You'll just have to learn constipatience."
by Matti! Matti! Matti! May 15, 2013

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v. having a lot of cash to spend.

Usually referring to "cashed-up bogans": members of the great unwashed who have come into money and are moving up in society by buying a house in a more upmarket suburb. Unfortunately, you can take the boy from Balga, but you can't take Balga from the boy.
The cashed-up bogans are taking over the neighbourhood: it's time to move house.
by Matti! Matti! Matti! November 20, 2010

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Julia Gillard, current prime minister of Australia and a redhead, thus the most powerful ranga female. A satyrical reference to a ginger takeover of the country.
Did you see the Ranga Queen on TV last night? I'd tap that.
by Matti! Matti! Matti! April 29, 2011

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The northern latitudes of Australia. States in the Deep North are generally poorer, hotter, more humid, more conservative, and more prone to cyclones than its more poleward cousins. In the USA, this would be called the Deep South.
A: "I can't believe my fellow Queenslanders voted against gay marriage."
B: "That's what you get when you live in the Deep North."
by Matti! Matti! Matti! September 12, 2013

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An alternative collective noun for a shuffle of bureaucrats, specifically those with some sort of auditing task. Inspired by their flocking behaviour and use of clipboards as a work tool. Derogatory.
"Better sort out those paperclips, Bob; the Department of Clipboards is just getting out of the lift."
by Matti! Matti! Matti! May 05, 2012

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