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A physchotic group of morons, whose goal is the total liberation of all animals. They try to achieve this goal by bullying and threatening people that eat meat or use animals for any purpose. They fail to realize that animals are superior to animals. Stay away from these nut jobs.
PETA- People for Extortion Terror and Abuse
by Matt0912 August 23, 2009

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A despicable person on a message board that deliberately tries to get everyone pissed off. Usually, they write in capital letters and make outrageous topics to get a rise out of everyone. Many times, trolls will be regulars but cannot be identified because they make new Screen Names, usually these new Screen Names are named after the topic they're trolling about. Either way, trolls should never be responded too, because theyll just use insults or useless arguments, and you'll never win by arguing with a troll.
Don't ever feed the trolls on a message board.
by Matt0912 June 16, 2009

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An awesome Irish punk-rock band. Their songs make you wanna dance and sing them on the table all drunk and disorderly. Great songs include Shippin Up to Boston, Kiss Me Im Shitfaced, Fields of Athenry, Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya, The Dirty Glass, and Finnegans Wake. Their music includes bagpipes, the coolest instrument there is.
My friends and i were dancing on the table singing songs by dropkick murphys
by Matt0912 August 23, 2009

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A ceremony (often religious) commemorating the life of a deceased person. Usually includes a memorial service and a eulogy. Some say they are pointless because the person is dead and doesn't know the difference, but it's important for those left behind to say a final goodbye. Generally a funeral is followed by a burial. Funerals often are extremely sad depending on well one knew the deceased and if the person died young and/or suddenly.
This morning I went to a funeral for this kids dad. It was very sad.
by Matt0912 August 20, 2009

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A feeling generally obtained at the end of the summer, when summer has gotten boring and old, and one is ready to return to school and see people they haven't since June.
Man summer's getting old and I havent seen Chris or Rob all summer. I sorta want to start the year. I have a case of schoolsickness I guess.
by Matt0912 August 22, 2009

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A phrase use in response to recieving news of some sort of misforturnate occurance.
Person A: Did you hear that Chris Broke his leg?

Person B: Yeah bad news bears
by Matt0912 August 06, 2009

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Simply put, the best state in the Union. Too often, Jersey is judged on Newark and Camden and the slums. But the Jersey Shore and yes not the beach but the shore is the best. Everyone who hates Dirty Jerse should go Down the Shore. We have kickass pizza and bagels, and the best diners in america; food is where its at. We gave you Springsteen and the Sopranos, We have 2 NFL teams in Rutherford. And yeah we do know how to tawk.
New Jersey is a kickass state, the haters should shove it.
by Matt0912 July 20, 2009

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